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Why not come back Kasia ??????????? WTF was wrong ?????????

The most beautifull & lovely person in the world turned out to be the most untrusworthy, unreliable & disappointing person I have ever met.

Never before have I wanted so much to bee with some one ...
Never before I got more used & hurt by some one.

It could have been so bloody great Kasia.
If only you had given me a real fair chance and you were able to be honest & communicate in a normal way.
You never opened up to me and never took any responsibillity.
What you did (and especially HOW you did it) is f#%king insane. I honestly & truely beleived in us and I would have died for you. Marrying you was my greatest wish & desire.
I was deadly honest about us marrying and spending the rest of our life time happily together. That was my dream come true : us, together, happy, enjoying life & each other, sharing.

You could have come back, I have been waiting (again) for 2 months.
Why leave ? Why not talk it over ? What was wrong ? I have NO IDEA !!!

   lost pictures

   lost fun

   lost happiness

   lost friendship

   lost memories

   lost perspective

   lost sympathy

   lost emotions

   lost image

   lost plans

   lost intentions

   lost sympathy

   lost interest

   lost desire

   lost illusions

   lost understanding

   lost feelings

   lost dreams

   lost ideals

   lost future

   lost warmth

   lost lust

   lost love

   lost hope

   Lost Kasia

  LOST ...

Too bad you have once again proven you lie and fake too much and can't be trusted.
Nevertheless I shall allways love, remember & miss you, and cherish the precious far too short time we spend together.
I still wish we were together right now my love.

Farewell Kasia ...

Kutwijf Kasia Krupicz Oct 4 2017
Kutwijf Kasia Krupicz Oct 6 2017
Kutwijf Katarzyna Krupicz Oct 6 2017
With Richard Remmé, whom I left for no reason With Richard Remmé, who gave me everything With Richard Remmé, who loved me madly With Richard Remmé, who I wanted to marry With Richard Remmé, who made me orgasm With Richard Remmé, who fetched me from Poland With Richard Remmé, who treated me well With Richard Remmé, who I lied to With Richard Remmé, adored my unconditionally With Richard Remmé, with whom I wanted to grow old With Richard Remmé, who I tell lies about at the police With Richard Remmé, who I slander publicly With Richard Remmé, who still loves & wants me With Richard Remmé, my big love ...

Katarzyna Krupicz lying about having cancer: so many lies ...

More lies :
02-09 ? That was a SATURDAY !!!! Me at the office on a saturday ? Really ???? Hahahahahahahahahaha...

Knowingly filing a false report with the police is a punishable crime Katarzyna Krupicz !!

This ????? Hahahahahahahahahaha.... How desperate you must be :-)

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Right now Richard & Kasia could be living here. Happily right now, in their own home, in their own PROPERTY !
Not a rental, but their very own PROPERTY(!) in the happiest province of the Netherlands.
The house is still for sale : <>br But hey, obviously you prefere beeing treated & living like a cheap prostitute !
You could have had it all Kasia ...

And if sex is (apparently) that important to you, then you certainly could have shown some more interest and have been more open ! You should not have been so distant & selfish. I was there for you, and I gladly would have given it to you. EVERYDAY, MULTIPLES TIME !!!

Why not come back ????? What was wrong ????? Why did you not say ANYTHING ??????